About Aldwyn & Sons

Aldwyn & Sons was established in 2017. In Autumn 2017, I was assured that I needed a pedicure. My feet were unsightly, coarse and a source of discomfort. I could not see where as a man, I could go and feel comfortable having this done. Would I walk into a ‘nail salon’? It didn’t feel right. Thus, the concept for Aldwyn & Sons was formed. ‘Our Mission is to change men’s attitudes towards footcare and the way it is provided’


‘Footman’ - noun
The origins of the word ‘footman’ date back to the 14th Century. Historically the footman’s role was run alongside the carriage of his master on journeys to protect it from overturning and to prepare the destination for the master’s arrival. Latterly, ‘footman’ became the term for the highest-ranking servant, one rank below the butler and often as his deputy.
With these traditions appearing so scarcely in modern society, today ‘The Modern Footman’ has a new meaning, it is the provision of footcare to gentlemen, in a quintessentially British Gentleman’s environment.

Sharps Barber & Shop

Aldwyn & Sons opened its doors in the back of Sharps Barber & Shop in 2018. Sharps' Flagship store at 9 Windmill Street was opened in 2013 and has been a key feature of Fitzrovia since with its amazing coffee shop and world class barbering

Men's Wellbeing

Looking after one’s feet is about more than just hygiene and aesthetic. Men’s Mental Health and Wellbeing are important with 1 in 4 people in the UK experiencing a mental health issue each year. Aldwyn & Sons encourages men to come and put their feet up, in an environment for them to relax. Reflex points in feet can help to engage corresponding parts of the body helping that wellbeing. We believe that all men should look after their feet, as the results affect you from your head to your toes.


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