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The importance of a handshake: Why is it important to look after your hands?

Handshake – noun. The act of shaking somebody’s hand with your own. Used especially to say hello or goodbye or when an agreement has been made.  A handshake is the simplest of gestures, yet it is a gesture that can speak a thousand words. An ever-present defining feature of society, a handshake is often where we […]

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Male Grooming Trends: How Male Grooming has Evolved

Male grooming has always been present. Although the focus of conversation has been limited to the select few or the periphery for a large portion of history. Today it is a familiar and mainstream element of the modern-day gentlemen. When we witnessed the turn of the new millennium, twenty or so years ago, the conversation […]

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Aldwyn & Sons Does Movember

Movember is finally here! We are delighted to be growing our moustaches and raising money and awareness alongside Good as Gold and Sharps Barbers. As team: ‘9 WindMO Street’ You can get involved by joining our team, and raising money using the link: https://moteam.co/9windmostreet?mc=1 In the shop we are running weekly raffles with prizes from […]

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The History of Men’s Footcare

If you think that men having Pedicures is a new concept, you are wrong. Men have been having foot treatments for hundreds of years. The male pedicure has always been around. Charles Dickens, Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte all called upon footcare in times of need. Aldwyn & Sons now provides the ideal environment for […]

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Why a Pedicure is the perfect Gift

There are certain points in the year, when you have to buy a present for a man. Aside from one’s birthday, there is Valentines Day, Fathers’ Day and Christmas where gifting is a big part of family and friendship. In recent years, gifting experiences has become more popular than ever as people want to give […]

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Sharps Barber & Shop

‘Sharps, It was Never Just a Barber’   Sharps Barber and Shop, Born in the USA Sharps Barber and shop was born in the USA with the view that simple grooming sounded ‘stuffy’. With this idea in mind, the Sharps team set about creating an environment that was relaxed and multifunctional; an area where you […]

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