Pedicure vs Podiatry

Pedicure vs Podiatry

The Pedicure

‘The word pedicure is derived from the latin word pedis, which means “of the foot”, and cura, which means “care”

Relaxation, Aesthetics and Health

Pedicures are not just about keeping your feet healthy and callous free. They are also a great way to relax and destress after a day of ennui. There are few times during the week when you can truly put your feet up and forget. A trip to the pedicure is a great way of creating such an excuse. The other benefit to getting a pedicure is that they really do keep your feet in shape. A pedicure is recognised as a treatment of the feet and toenails, analogous to a manicure. The goal is to keep your feet cosmetically sound as well as providing that therapeutic and relaxing experience we have mentioned. On top of this, they also prevent nasty foot conditions from arising. This is the more medical aspect of things. Dead skin cells are rubbed off the bottom of your feet, removing calluses, whilst exfoliation and moisturising prevent cells from accumulating, leading to bunions or corns.

The Preventative Option

Pedicures are the best port of call if you want to combine the best of a relaxing experience with a dose of medical insight. The thorough cleaning of the toenails prevents toenail fungus from developing, whilst trimming and filing will preempt painful ingrowing toenails from arising. Your pedicurist will tap you on the shoulder if you are developing a foot condition such as corns, bunions or fungal infections. Then, it’s your responsibility to book in with our more medically knowledgeable cousins; the Podiatrists.


The Podiatrist

Focusing on the Medical Side of Things

The podiatrist or ‘foot and ankle surgeon’ focuses on treating medical conditions that you have not managed to prevent. He/she can be defined as the helpful individual who treats your feet and its ailments. Podiatrists are all medical professionals who have been trained to diagnose and treat abnormal conditions of the feet. They are not so focused on giving you a calming, rejuvenatory experience. Rather, they will zoom in on the more medical side of things making sure that you are able to walk on two feet with great ease and comfort.

Treating Existing Foot Conditions

There is very little emphasis on the importance of the cosmetic at the Podiatrists clinic. If you need a ‘foot overhaul’ in preparation for sandal season, visit the pedicure. On the other hand, if you are stumbling around in pain or find your feet in discomfort after a bit of football get down to the Podiatrist. These guys will correct any foot deformities you might have, with the aim of relieving pain and treating infections. The Podiatrist can alleviate the symptoms of a series of foot conditions including fungal nail infections, ingrowing toenails, corns and calluses, verrucas and heel pain. They also deal with many other foot ailments such as athlete’s foot, flat feet, bunions, blisters and dry and cracked heels.


The Fundamental Difference Between the Two

A pedicurists role is to make you feel pampered and relaxed, whilst also making sure that your feet are in good condition. In a nutshell, you go to the pedicure to prevent your feet from developing harmful conditions. The podiatrists, however, is where you go when you have already developed an issue.

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