Pedicures for Men

Pedicures for Men

‘Relaxation and Well-Being’

Pedicures are not purely cosmetic. It may be a surprise, but they have a series of benefits that you are probably not aware of. First and foremost, pedicures are highly relaxing. They offer an opportunity to escape from your busy life. Aldwyn and Sons provide an environment that is perfect for this; both relaxing and luxurious. It is just the spot to put up your feet and switch off. Relaxation alleviates the stresses of our modern day lives. So, a visit and a pedicure could be just the answer.


‘Contributing to your Physical Health’

When neglected, one’s feet can develop calluses, which can become painful and obtrusive. A pedicure will remove these nasty sores as well as any dead skin. This exfoliation, or removal of dead skin cells, prevents the cells from accumulating and causing bunions or corns. Pedicures, also contribute to toenail health. The thorough cleaning of the toenails prevents toenail fungus from developing, whilst trimming and filing will mitigate the risk of painful ingrown toenails. Your pedicurist will be able to identify whether you are developing a foot condition such as fungal infections. If you are, it is much easier to tackle these conditions in their early stages. More generally, it is important to keep toenails healthy, as they protect your toes from trauma.

Moisturised feet are ten times less likely to get blisters, cracks or other obscure foot problems. This is another reason why having a pedicure is a great idea.


‘Helping The Keen Athlete’

Pedicures can be especially helpful to the keen athlete. Maintaining good foot health is important when playing sports or exercising at the gym. A pedicure will ensure you don’t develop painful pressure points or skin conditions. In addition, massaging will increase blood flow to your feet. This helps reduce swelling and improves circulation, assisting in your recovery after a strenuous workout. For the sportsman, a pedicure is an essential component of one’s overall fitness routine. Regular pedicures will prevent any painful conditions that could interfere with your proficiency, within the gym or on the sports field!


‘Simple Cleanliness’

Cleanliness and foot odour are more self-explanatory reasons to visit the pedicure. The root cause of foot odour is actually the presence of treatable bacteria. A good pedicure will get rid of this in an instant.

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