The importance of a handshake: Why is it important to look after your hands?

The importance of a handshake: Why is it important to look after your hands?

Handshake – nounThe act of shaking somebody’s hand with your own. Used especially to say hello or goodbye or when an agreement has been made. 

A handshake is the simplest of gestures, yet it is a gesture that can speak a thousand words.

An ever-present defining feature of society, a handshake is often where we solidify our first impression of someone new and an instance where we can depict tone and the perceptions of your ability and confidence.

Although the business world is becoming more dominated by online conference calls, Facetime and Skype, this traditional interaction still holds incredible importance over everything else. A handshake can show personal traits, creates a foundation for future interactions, and determines how memorable you are – it is incredibly meaningful and sentimental to many.

You rarely get a second opportunity to create a good first impression in business, and it is imperative you find the optimal balance between a limp and too forceful grip.

The Significance of a handshake

The significance and meaning of a handshake are determined by the malleable nature of society and interactions.

Business coaches will try to lecture you on the perfect handshake for each situation as if it is a matter of life or death. A handshake will hold more gravitas and portray authenticity when it is a natural and personal action. That is not to say there is not a best practice to follow.

If you are walking into an interview or a meeting with top directors, there is no better foundation than offering them your hand and making eye contact while you proceed to greet and introduce yourself. Other than controlling the tone and perception of your abilities, a handshake can create a situation to form a connection with the other person, create a sense of trust and provides a chance for self-promotion.

Trust: A strong handshake allows you to convey a sense of underlying confidence in yourself. Instilling a sense of confidence makes it easier for someone to trust your words and the abilities you may have. Creating a sense of trust is imperative in the business environment, as the ability to make people trust you will enhance your chances of succeeding.

 Negotiations: Handshakes unconsciously set the tone of the conversation before a word has even been uttered. A strong handshake, alongside consistent eye contact can create a tone to express your willingness or strength in a situation of negotiation, but if needed compromise and be reasonable. A weak, limp handshake can put you on the back foot from the beginning.

Why is it important to look after your hands?

We use our hands every day. We simply would not be able to do some of the most menial tasks, like express ourselves or show affection for family and loved ones. Our hands are vital, but we often forget about caring for them.

Taking care of your hands may sound obvious and easy, but it is far more than keeping your hands clean and using hand cream here and there. This is not to say you shouldn’t keep your hand clean. Your hands are constantly used throughout the day, you touch the handrail while you stand on the tube on your way to work or open the door to a coffee shop. Our hands are put into situations where they are exposed to dirt and bacteria. We all know how to wash our hands, but the products we use can have a detrimental effect on our hands. To ensure a clean, silky and smooth look, soap with hydrating ingredients will ensure the natural oil from your hands are not taken away.

Just like how we dress, or the aftershave we wear, how our hands are presented is a considerable factor in our appearance. It is fascinating how much we can learn about one another from the appearance of our hands – from gauging the type of employment to the importance of personal grooming to someone, our hands can tell many of a story.

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