Male Grooming Trends: How Male Grooming has Evolved

Male Grooming Trends: How Male Grooming has Evolved

Male grooming has always been present. Although the focus of conversation has been limited to the select few or the periphery for a large portion of history. Today it is a familiar and mainstream element of the modern-day gentlemen.

When we witnessed the turn of the new millennium, twenty or so years ago, the conversation around male grooming in the ‘average’ man was more about what soap or aftershave you may use. We are now focused on what products are best for our skin, what is the latest hairstyle, or how can we look after ourselves at home.

The Big shift

 For the lion’s share of the 20th century, boys and men took most of their fashion, grooming tips and inspiration from their father’s, uncle’s or brothers. They were shown how to shave, had the same hairstyle and often wore similar clothes to their siblings. And for those adventurous trendsetters, they likely used some form of hair gel or experimented with questionable facial hair.

The past 30 years we have witnessed major shifts – from the antagonist of male grooming with the popularity of grunge in the nineties to the noughties with the over optimisation of male grooming. Such times highlighted the importance of the way we look with celebrities and football players coming to the forefront of gossip columns and their ‘metrosexual’ commitment to grooming products. Today we have dedicated male grooming treatments for the everyday man.

So where are we today? With an over-reliance on social media, comparing ourselves to friends and work colleagues, and popular culture dominated by influencers sponsored by brands, we are caring about how we look more than ever before. Taking the phrase ‘being comfortable in your skin’ to new heights and pursuing grooming treatments and products to make sure we look and feel the best. It is clear to see that the modern-day gentleman has fully embraced grooming in all formats. With greater developments more than likely to occur in the pipeline, our bathroom cabinets are likely to get larger and larger as time goes on.

What trends are men looking towards in 2019?

 2019 hasn’t introduced much in the way of new game-changing treatments and trends, it has been more about the advancements of traditional grooming habits.

Moisturising and skin treatments

Looking after our skin is nothing contemporary, it has been part of a man’s daily grooming habits for quite a while. However, in 2019 we have witnessed the introduction of more treatment options for you. With the growing awareness of our impact on the environment, the grooming industry (both men and women) is leaning towards the preferred use of products developed from natural sources, over chemical-based products.

Haircuts and Hair Care

 2019 has been the year which has seen men let their hair run free. This year has been about accentuating your curls, natural waves and re-emergence of the well-groomed ‘bed head’ look. With the promotion of using Sea Salt Spray and similar products, 2019 has been defined by making the most of the hair you have, finding the correct fit with your face and more commonly flaunting the popular adoption of facial hair.


 Beards have seen a significant resurgence into the fashion choices of the modern-day man. With greater acceptance of fashionable and manicured stubble in the workplace, it has become a common feature of the current trend. This rising popularity has seen the growth in beard care products, treatments, and specialist options within barbershops.

Pedicures and Manicures 

Historically a clean shave and well cared for hands, have been of vital importance to the male image for decades. While beards have entered the scene, a large proportion of male grooming is still dominated by looking after our extremities. With image being such a considerable factor in business, the importance of looking after the small details, like our hands, has been emphasised in the male grooming industry.

Moreover, the lives we live today are defined by a fast-paced, deadline-driven day-to-day lifestyle, which means we often forget to give ourselves the attention we need. With such a demanding lifestyle, the impact can clearly present in physical and mental stress. With a need to address these concerns, male grooming is evolving to meet such needs in this ever-challenging landscape, which Aldwyn and Sons is at the forefront of.

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