The Myth of Exfoliation

The Myth of Exfoliation

When it comes to your own personal skin care routine does it involve exfoliation? Do you just leave out that process because you don’t really know why you need to exfoliate? Or you just don’t know the benefits and dismiss it for some pretty word used to sell products? Well, exfoliation is not just a pretty word, it is an important part of taking care of your skin, especially if you suffer from ingrown hairs. This article will help you to understand what exfoliation is, how to introduce it to your skincare regime in a gentle and effective way and what type of exfoliator to look out for. Once you begin exfoliating you will not forget this significant part of your routine!


Why should you exfoliate?

Exfoliation is a cleanse that helps to improve the skins appearance. Dead cells and dirt build up on the skin clogging the pores and preventing your skin from absorbing moisturisers. Exfoliating gives you a natural glow by scrubbing away dead skin cells and de-clogging pores. This in turn helps to reduce ingrown hairs. The movement of your application will stimulate blood circulation, and revitalise your skin.



We all want smooth, clear skin. A dull uneven skin tone can make you appear tired. Cleansing and exfoliating before shaving is crucial. Once you begin to exfoliate you will notice the dead skin has trapped hairs under the skins surface and formed razor bumps. Lightly scrub your face in small circular motions (don’t scrub your skin raw like your life depends on it) with a product that you feel is best for your skin type.


After exfoliating, you can then wash your face with warm water, or if you prefer you can use a hot towel on the face for a few minutes. This will soften the skin before exfoliating. After you have shaved you should apply a moisturiser or an after-shave balm to prevent ingrown hairs and ensure your skin is hydrated.


What is an exfoliator?

There are different types of scrubs available, an enzyme scrub is a cream based or a fine paste that it suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skins, this gently exfoliates the skins surface and gives an instant result. The natural components (such as papaya, pineapple pumpkin) in enzyme peels accelerate the chemical reactions needed to remove old, dead skin and promote the growth of brighter, softer skin.


There are  granular scrubs available in a gel, clay or cream which can also be used to help reduce ingrown hairs. A more granular scrub must be used very gently on the skin.  Steer clear of the overly  abrasive scrubs that have crushed walnut shell, apricot shell, coffee etc . These types of ingredients can be quite harsh for the skin and cause  broken capillaries, skin irritations and sensitivity. Favour more gentle grains, such as rice, quartz or jojoba beads.

Once you have incorporated exfoliation into your routine, you will begin to notice your skin improving and you won’t forget to exfoliate at least once or twice a week. To see how Aldwyn and Sons Can benefit you in your exfoliating regime, please visit our treatment page.


Good luck and scrub ya later!

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