Valentines’ Day Gift Cards

Valentines’ Day Gift Cards

It is that time of the year where the divisive, exclusive and to many people, unnecessary celebration of St Valentine is around the corner and whatever stage you are in of a relationship, the pressure is on.

If you are single, do not worry, there is always next year and rest assured, you can treat yourself this year without any pressure, anticipation or judgement!

Sweep him off his feet

If you are dating, in a relationship, engaged or married, there are a number of gifts that can be for the benefit of the couple. I am going to avoid listing them as it could lead you away from here. If you are looking for a present that you can give to the man in your life, that you also want to benefit from, then look no further than a Men’s Pedicure in London’s finest male grooming set up. If you want to win the top prize, then buying our Gentleman & Scholar – Gentleman’s Manicure and Pedicure, then you win the partner of the year award.

So we have created the ultimate card for you to buy for your partner, which includes another one of our trademark two-liners which avoids you having to create your own poetry to woo your loved one this year. our with the ‘Roses are Red’ and in with the more creative banter.

So why is a Pedicure the best present for Valentines’ Day? We have created an environment built for men to relax and be able to enjoy having treatments. With complimentary drinks such as tea/coffee or something stronger, we cut and shape toenails so that they are not scratchy, we care for the cuticles which cleans the nails and improves nail health and ability to grow as well as removing any dead skin and exfoliating to leave feet feeling soft to touch. We finish with a moisturising foot massage to relax you and get the circulation going!

Want to win this year at Valentines’ Day? Buy one of our gift cards now!!

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